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Despite COVID-19, the Steering Group has been busy lately! 

Setting up Weybridge’s Men’s Shed has not been quite as straightforward as we expected when the idea was first mooted, however we have made some great progress and are on track to open in April/May 2021! We can’t wait to welcome our first Shedders to their brand new sheds next year. 

Subject to Elmbridge Borough Council Planning approval, the shed will be on one allotment plot at Churchfields near the Curzon Road entrance.  This is a great central location, and the shedders will add to the maintenance capabilities on the allotments.  The Steering Group appreciates the support of the trustees of Weybridge Land Charity which owns the Churchfields allotments

Our Shed will be two sheds so we can manage social distancing and allocate tooling efficiently.  The two relocatable double Garages, approximately 30 sq metres each, will be separated by an open paved area half covered by a Gazebo and with a secure storage area planned for all those exciting projects we will undertake.  

We are already looking forward to making and enjoying our first mugs of tea, biscuits and banter and getting started on the first projects that have already been given to the Shed.

Some of the progress we have made towards opening includes: 

  • Establishing an 8 person Steering Group with relevant experience and expertise
  • Becoming registered as a UK Charity and with 6 Trustees in post 
  • Having a proposed building design (see our About Us page)
  • Weybridge Charity giving its approval for the installation of buildings on an allotment site adjacent to the end of Limes Road – subject to Elmbridge BC planning approval.
  • Submitting an application to Elmbridge BC for the buildings on that site
  • Setting up a full establishment budget including a detailed tooling inventory
  • Visiting a number of operating sheds as far away as New Zealand and have benefitted from their experience and willingly given advice.
  • Joining the UK Men’s Shed Association and are following their “Tool Kit” for establishing a Shed.
  • Submitting 3 applications for fund raising and having an overall plan for the balance. Although we have been hampered by the impact of COVID-19 on the economy, because of the strong community support, we are confident about reaching our funding targets.

We are continuing with lots of activities to get ready for our 2021 opening. Our focus at the moment is on achieving our financial contribution target by February. 

Please get in touch and register your interest in becoming a Shedder, or if you are able to support us in our preparation work please let us know.  Perhaps it is a good time for Grandads and Dads to be encouraged to plan on meeting some other local  Grandads and Dads in the new shed next Spring to try their hand at that hobby or trade that they used to do, or always wanted to do, but didn’t have the time until now.



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