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Weybridge Men's Shed is run by its members to ensure maximum satisfaction, engagement and fulfilment. The Shed undertakes community projects helping various other charities, non-profit organisations, schools, nurseries, and in some cases individuals. Our members self manage the projects from design to delivery.  It's a great opportunity to learn new skills from other members or to simply keep your hand in.

You can come to the shed anytime! There is no pressure to get involved; you can do as much or as little as you like. You don’t need to have any particular skills, just a keen interest in practical things. You can get involved with the group projects or simply work on your own. One thing we’re not lacking is chairs, so there’s plenty of opportunity for a sit down and chat.  There’s always a good supply of tea and coffee, and the occasional biscuit or two. Got additional questions?


Do you have a special skill or experience to help lead a session? Get in touch!


A bit about how we operate

  • A typical Shed session will be 3 hours in either morning or afternoon
  • Multiple sessions will be held during the week, based on members' demand.
  • The activities run in the sessions are driven by our members interests and skills. Let us know what you'd enjoy doing so we can get it in the calendar!
  • Members are entitled to attend any number of sessions.
  • Members are not required to attend every session. Come whenever it suits you!

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