See you all in person by April 2021!

We are looking to physically open our shed in April 2021. We can't wait for you to see what we've been up to!

Welcome to the Weybridge Men's Shed

We talk and engage 'shoulder to shoulder',  welcoming all who need support, and those who can assist in giving support.

Let's Get Together

Visitors are always welcome. Simply contact us and come in meet the members, have some fun, share a cuppa and a chat.

About Men's Sheds

The Men's Shed is an idea that started in a town in Australia in 1998 and has since spread through Australia and now internationally now including more than 500 independent Sheds in the United Kingdom. 

What is Weybridge's Men's Shed?

Weybridge Men's Shed is a place for members of the Weybridge Community to come pursue practical interests and hobbies like woodworking, and learn new skills in the company of like-minded people. Members decide when they come and what they do and enjoy learning from each other. Our purpose is to encourage social connections and friendships building, networking, banter, lots of laughter and plenty of tea and coffee.  
Although its free to attend, the activities are substantially funded by member donations and any items we make that are offered for sale.


Open Men's Sheds in the UK


Sheds in development


Estimated family's benefiting directly 

Updates From The Shed

Support for our Shed

The encouragement and support we have received from all areas of our community has been really positive and clearly endorses...

Welcome to our new website

Today we are excited to announce the launch of our new Weybridge Men’s Shed website. We are were very happy...

Opening day is getting closer!

Despite COVID-19, the Steering Group has been busy lately!  Setting up Weybridge’s Men’s Shed has not been quite as straightforward...


The Weybridge Men's Shed is all about building a sense of  community and belonging

Stories From Fellow Shedders

Need to reach us?

Drop us a message, tell us a bit about yourself and we will reach out as soon as possible. 

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