About Us

What's a shed? Are you a shedder?

About Weybridge Men's Shed

But... What is a shed?

Men’s Sheds (or Sheds) are similar to garden sheds – a place to pursue practical interests at leisure, to practice skills and enjoy making and mending. They’re about social connections and friendship building, sharing skills and knowledge, and of course a lot of laughter. Find out more here!

Are you a Shedder?


  • come from all walks and professions in life
  • are often, but not always, retired from full-time careers who find life “empty” and without “purpose” after retirement or bereavement
  • are people who are more alone and/or isolated than they would wish to be (or realise)
  • often have a skill and/or experience they are willing to share
  • are not typically part of the social care system
  • can be people with physical difficulties preventing them from full time work

Our Mission

To relieve the needs of people who are socially excluded by assisting them to integrate into society through the provision of facilities in which they can meet to undertake, jointly or individually,c reative, physical and/or recreational activities, learn and/or pass on skills adn knowledge, and support each other socially.

Our Steering Group

“Ensuring the best customer experience has been and continues to be at the heart of everything I have done in my career and I’m now really excited to use my skills and experience to help create a warm and welcoming environment for Men’s Shed members”

Barbara Law
Steering Group & Trustee


“"Following nearly a lifetime in aviation, the Men’s Shed project is something that I feel is an opportunity to help to put something back into the community . I have a former background in engineering and construction that will come in useful during the construction and fit-out of the workshop and craft areas.”

Peter Lonergan
Steering Group & Trustee


“I’ve been retired as a Corporate Treasurer and rugby player for some 20 years now, though my better half and I have lived in Weybridge for double that time. I’m a member of the Weybridge Society and Secretary and/or Treasurer to various other local charities, but the Men’s Shed is the only one of which I’m also a Trustee. I’m highly motivated by being able to add whatever skills I may still possess to help the Weybridge Men’s Shed Charity become one of the most energetic, needed and prestigious organisations in Town, particularly in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Mike O'Sullivan
Steering Group & Trustee


“I am a Residential Property Professional with over 30 years of experience and spend most of my time building luxury new homes or renovating existing properties for private cleints. When I was referred to Murray and heard all about Mens Shed I absolutely loved the concept and was keen to lend my support. I think it's a fantastic initiative and I'm only to happy to be able to provide assistance and support.”

Neil Jones
Steering Group


“Having got to that stage in life when it was time to switch from 24/7 business and work to putting something back into the community.  Originally a kiwi, I already knew of the outstanding success of the Men’s Shed movement.  After several visits to Sheds here in UK I was in no doubt that a Men’s Shed for Weybridge would fill a real but generally unrecognised need as they have done everywhere else.  And, having the camaraderie of a great group of like minded others to work with to get our Shed established is motivating.  But then, isn’t that what Sheds are all about?”

Murray Law
Steering Group & Trustee


“My Shed expectations are relatively simple - to create a place where people can go without fear of being prejudged, whilst enjoying making something (should they so wish) and learning new skills.”

James Stephens
Steering Group & Trustee


“I find in this project a way to give back to my "new" local community of Weybridge after moving from abroad, by contributing to something that it is much needed, a place to bring people together, meet new friends and learn new skills or to put them in practice. When Murray told me about this initiative, I immediately knew that this was something that was going to contribute in an incredible way and I definitely wanted to be part of.”

Emmanuel Artusa-Barrel
Steering Group & Trustee